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In my profile you can edit your user name, your password or the text about you.

Add property

To add an ad to, create your user account at . Or log in if you have already an account.

After that, go to "user menu" in the top right menu, and click on the menu item "Add property". Fill in all fields that marked with an asterisk (*), the remaining fields can be filled in if desired. Upload between1 and 5 photos. The maximum file size is 12 MB. The allowed file types are png, gif, jpg and jpeg.

Please note that uploading photos may take up to a few minutes.
We recommend filling in the address field of your object.

When all the required fields are filled, save the announcement.

Please note: add links, email addresses. mail and phone numbers in the property description are not allowed . If added, these data will be deleted.

My properties

Edit your property under "Own properties".

How do I edit my ad?

In order to edit your ad, after entering the site, you need to go to "user menu" in the upper right menu and go to "Own property. You will see a list of the ads you have added. Then click on the "Edit" button Edit ad
Make changes, then click the button "Save" from the bottom. Done.

How to manage the availability calendar?

In order to set the availability dates for your object, go to the section "own properties", then click on the "availability management" button.
In this section, two versions of the edition are possible.

  • 1. Change from and to <br>
    To change the status of the availability of your volume, you must specify the start and end dates, select a status, for example, is not available from February 1 to February 15, and click on the "save." </li>
  • 2. Editing in the calendar
    In Caledara below, you can select the length of time by selecting the appropriate dates and in the window that appears, select the availability status of available seats. The selected wool will be marked in red if the object is not available.

How do I remove my ad from the publication?

To remove your ad from the publication, go to the editing section of the ad (see the question "How do I edit my ad?"), Then select the last step "administrative settings" and remove the tick "swipe". The announcement can be published again at any time.



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For registration you can use your e-mail address, as well as your user account on Facebook, G +, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki or Clicking on one of the econories you can enter our page, setting your login data from the social network. In some cases, you must additionally specify the address of your e-mail. In case you have already logged into your account on the social network, through the same browser on which you want to enter to the page, the registration will be automaticly.

Registering on is free, no matter whether you are looking for accommodation or want to rent it out! After registration, do not forget to fill out your profile.

How do I reset my password?

Forgot your password?

If you forgot your password or can not log in, click on the Change Password link. Enter the e-mail address you entered when registering on the site and we will send you a link to change the password with the instruction. Please enter the answer to the mathematical question. This is necessary to protect the site from unauthorized access.



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